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Floor Cleaning

Helpro provides professional and specialized floor cleaning for tile and grout, natural stone, wood, vinyl and laminated floors, and pressure washing of floors.

Heavy traffic areas, like lobbies, restrooms and kitchens, will benefit greatly from Helpro’s tile and grout cleaning system which restores shine and luster to those surfaces.
Professional tile and grout cleaning is recommended for floor coverings that have a heavy build-up of greasy or oily soils, when a floor has not been maintained on a regular basis, or when more than basic routine cleaning is required. If the cleaning is not done properly, floors can be accidentally marred as cleaning chemicals react in different ways depending of each type of surface. Avoid that by using Helpro’s trained technicians. Read more on our process here.

Marble Floor Cleaning: Stone surfaces fade over time. We restore the original luster of marble floors without scratching it.

Wood floor cleaning and restoration: Our trained technicians can bring your wooden floors back to life, highlighting the natural grain and restoring their original shine.

Pressure wash: Wash away the residue nature leaves behind on buildings, awnings, pathways and parking areas with our high-powered pressure wash system.

  • Tile & Grout cleaning
  • Natural Stone cleaning
  • Hardwood cleaning
  • Vinyl cleaning
  • Laminate cleaning
  • Pressure Wash
Helpro grout cleaning services Orlando
Helpro laminate floor cleaning services Orlando
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